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The Betrothed Is this book even happening No CoverNo DescriptionNo NewsHave we been tricked So the Selection books first three are part of my all time favorite books I was pretty ecstatic, to say the least, when I saw that Mrs Cass would be having a new book out And another lovely cover with a beautiful dress In the Betrothal, I feel as though the author s writing has gotten even better with lush descriptions The setting was a fun one too Now the bad news for me was that I couldn t connect with these characters I knew this story wouldn t be the Selection, and I didn t want another Selection, but I did want to see characters that I could fall in love with just the same But while that didn t happen, there were definitely some draw dropping moments that I hadn t been expecting.Because of how the Betrothal ended, I m very much interested in seeing how book two plays out and to see of this historical world She S Captured The King S Heart But Who S Captured Hers New York Times Bestselling Author Kiera Cass Is Ready To Retake Her Crown As The Queen Of YA Romance With This Sparkling New DuologyThe Young King Of Coroa Has Never Been The Type To Settle Down That Is, Until He Meets Hollis BriteHollis Has Grown Up At The Castle, Among The Other Daughters Of Nobility Who Hoped Beyond Hope That They D Catch The King S Eye So When King Jameson Declares His Love For Her, Hollis Is Shocked And ThrilledBut She Soon Realizes That Along With The Extravagant Presents And Fawning Attention, This New Life Brings Outsized Expectations Expectations That Make Her Wonder If She S Really Cut Out For Life As A RoyalAnd When She Meets An Isolten Stranger With The Mysterious Power To See Right Into Her Heart, She Starts To Wonder Is There To Life Outside The Palace Walls 10 15 19 A COVER AND TITLE AND SYNOPSISI m so excited I mean, I m disappointed that the cover doesn t match her other ones, but it s still gorgeous and I am SO pumped to get my hands on this And it s a series Count Me In.6 15 19 Soooo is this ever happening This is just strange Did she say offhandedly at some point that she might write another book and this Goodreads page happened but she has no plans What is Kiera Cass even doing right now Her last two updates on her website are one from 5 5 16 where she said she s canceling the tour for The Crown and then a laughable one from 2 14 18 where she said she refuses to attend any events where someone accused of sexual assault will be present I mean, really What events She hasn t done anything for years So she might just be done as an author.Ooh But I just checked out her Twitter page She said she s working away on her new book when someone asked So who knows, really But there s hope I guess we really can t rely on authors official pages when Suzanne Collins official website isn t even updated for the Mockingjay movies I couldn t find her Twitter because there are far too many people pretending to be her I guess we ll just have to wait and see I might go for a Selection series reread in the fall for the atmosphere That and The Siren are all the Kiera Cass we have right now Embrace it.9 20 18 NO NO NO NO YOU CAN T DO THIS TO USPUSHED TO 2019 ARE YOU SERIOUS AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH9 13 18 Sooo we re technically a week from this book s release but we don t have a cover or title or anything Is this real I m so confused I just want fluffy Kiera Cass on my shelf, is that so much to ask 10 27 17 I don t know what the title is, I don t know what the cover looks like, I don t know what it s aboutBut it s by Kiera Cass.SOLD i said i wouldn t read another kiera cass book after the siren buthere we are OH MY FREAKING GODDDDDD NEW BOOK FROM KIERA CASS SIGN ME INP.S Good job Your book covers never disappoint me. A new Kiera Cass book has finally been announced The king has chosen her.Her heart belongs to another Uhm, isn t this The Selection with another cast I think Kiera Cass should go out of her comfort zone a little bit and stop writing about princesses and love triangles because it s basically the same story, just different characters.Anyway, I m going to read it because I owe this to my 15 years old self and let s see how it goes I don t have many plot expectations but it will most likely be a fun read. 1.5 I don t even know if I should write a full review, it will probably turn into a rant sessionARC received from Harper Teen via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review7 October 2019That s right WE ARE GETTING SOME NEW KIERA CASS IN MAY 2020 Read about it here the first chapter A steamy YA romance duology don t say I didn t warn the younguns and a love triangle edit after I read they lied to us No steam at all. I believe I read like five chapters from Selection, neither the characters nor the story was interesting to me, and I just did not continue the book, sort of forgot that I was even reading it I then when the rest of the series was published, I always just enjoyed the pretty covers but never felt like giving it another chance Which is surprising when you consider my obsession pretty dresses.So, why do I keep going back to this book and I m considering reading it

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