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Black Leopard, Red Wolf In the first novel in Marlon James s Dark Star trilogy, myth, fantasy, and history come together to explore what happens when a mercenary is hired to find a missing child Tracker is known far and wide for his skills as a hunter He has a nose, people say Engaged to track down a mysterious boy who disappeared three years earlier, Tracker breaks his own rule of always working alone when he finds himself part of a group that comes together to search for the boy The band is a hodgepodge, full of unusual characters with secrets of their own, including a shape shifting man animal known as LeopardDrawing from African history and mythology and his own rich imagination, Marlon James has written an adventure that s also an ambitious, involving read Defying categorization and full of unforgettable characters, Black Leopard, Red Wolf explores the fundamentals of truths, the limits of power, the excesses of ambition, and our need to understand them all

About the Author: Marlon James

Marlon James is a Jamaican born writer He has published three novels John Crow s Devil 2005 , The Book of Night Women 2009 and A Brief History of Seven Killings 2014 , winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize Now living in Minneapolis, James teaches literature at Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota.James was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to parents who were both in the Jamaican police his mother who gave him his first prose book, a collection of stories by O Henry became a detective and his father from whom James took a love of Shakespeare and Coleridge a lawyer James is a 1991 graduate of the University of the West Indies, where he read Language and Literature He received a master s degree in creative writing from Wilkes University 2006.James has taught English and creative writing at Macalester College since 2007 His first novel, John Crow s Devil which was rejected 70 times before being accepted for publication tells the story of a biblical struggle in a remote Jamaican village in 1957 His second novel, The Book of Night Women, is about a slave woman s revolt in a Jamaican plantation in the early 19th century His most recent novel, 2014 s A Brief History of Seven Killings, explores several decades of Jamaican history and political instability through the perspectives of many narrators It won the fiction category of the 2015 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature and the 2015 Man Booker Prize for Fiction, having been the first book by a Jamaican author ever to be shortlisted He is the second Caribbean winner of the prize, following Trinidad born V S Naipaul who won in 1971 from Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Black Leopard, Red Wolf

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    NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NO THANK YOU NOPE to say this isnt for me is an understatement, but to claim this is a book for the masses is just a straight up lie this has been pitched a

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    This book is a lot a labyrinth within a maze, an enigma within a conundrum Beautifully intense prose that doesn t allow for lazy reading Immense physicality a very embodied narrative The length

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    oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for BEST FANTASY 2019 what will happen as you can see, i am very far behind in my reading challenge, and this book is largely to blame i have been looking fo

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    book is an epic fantasy me hm okbook is set in a fantasy version of Africa and is deeply rooted in African mythology, complete with vampires, witches, necromancers, shape shifters and double crossing ex boyf

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    It seems rather simplistic to say the book isn t enjoyable, especially since I doubt that s what the author was aiming for in the first place, but it s certainly no easy fare either way While it s sold as a fantasy

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    I surrender.I can handle many things as a reader The highly stylized, dense prose, when you don t really understand what s going on but just have to immerse yourself in a narrative until it starts making sense All the rap

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    By now, one can easily identify certain features that define the Jamesian style cinematic violence, shameless sexuality, perverse, sharp humor and wit, flawlessly rendered settings, and virtuosic, rhythmic language There is also

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    I felt oddly removed from this book at the beginning, and by the end I was crying every other page So there s that.

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    In the middle of the book, I wanted to close it forever and HIT THE ROAD WITH MY JACK I meant Jack Daniels bottle DON T WANT TO READ THIS NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE Or they tried to make me go rehab or read this book And I said no, no, no for bo

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    I read and reviewed this book for Lambda Literary, where my full review can be found my thoughts also can be found on my blog.Full of violence, suspense, and mystery, Black Leopard, Red Wolf charts the adventures of an unforgettable pair of mercenar

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