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Dovetail From the bestselling author of Hello Love comes a spellbinding new novel of enduring love, family secrets, and mysterious death Joe Arneson s ordinary life is upended by troubling dreams of himself as a different man in another place and time It isn t until he visits his estranged grandmother, Pearl, in her Wisconsin hometown that a startling connection emergesDrawn into his family s past, Joe discovers secrets weighing on the old woman s soul the tragic death of her sister Alice a half century ago and its ripple effect on all who loved her Digging into the events of that summer in , Joe is convinced that his recurrent visions relate to Alice s untimely passing and to the beloved man she meant to marry With the help of Kathleen, a local woman Joe s fallen for, the puzzles of the past start falling into placeAs uncovered truths bring Joe and Kathleen closer together, they also reveal a new danger For Joe s dreams may be a warning from one star crossed couple to another

About the Author: Karen McQuestion

Karen McQuestion is the bestselling author of books for all ages Some of her titles include Hello Love, Life on Hold, The Long Way Home, and the Edgewood series Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR She has also appeared on ABC s World News Now and America This Morning McQuestion lives in Hartland, Wisconsin.Her website Facebook

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    NOW AVAILABLE I think I would classify this as women s fiction but with a good deal of romance.I must admit that I was hoping for a bitabout Pearls life but the book centers mainly about one particular event that she feels responsible for She knows that she doesn t have a long time to live and comes up with a plan to at least atone for part of her history The novel is told in a dual storyline, the past is the life Pearl lived wh

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    This is a story that takes place in small town Wisconsin over two timelines, 1916 and 1983 I would characterize it as a family drama romance combo with a twist The older tale revolves around nineteen year old Alice who is caring for her dad and six younger sisters after the untimely death of her mother It also features John Lawrence, a new hire helping out on the family farm Alice s seventeen year old sister Pearl also has a major role

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    Pearl, as a seventeen year old and Pearl as an eighty seven year old woman, dying of cancer, ties the two timelines of this story together But so do the dreams of her grandson, Joe Present day Pearl has sprung her grandson, who she has never met before, out of a mental health facility, where twenty two year old Joe has been for months, because of his very vivid, recurring dreams, that haunt him most nights Both his doctor and his father want

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    Joe Arneson s life is anything but predictable He has visions and odd feelings he can t put his finger on He visits his estranged grandmother, Pearl, in Wisconsin, and learnsabout his family s unique past, including a number of secrets, specifically related to his grandmother.Her sister Alice s deaththan fifty years ago shocked the family and tore it apart Joe feels like his visions are connected in some way Joe finds help from Kathleen, and begins

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    The elderly woman who came to his rescue in 1983 was a stranger to Joe Arneson but she declared she was his grandmother Joe had always been told by his father that his grandmother had died, but as he came to know Pearl, he knew that she was in fact his grandmother, and there was a past of secrets that both his father and grandmother were unwilling to tell him With Pearl in a nursing home, and dying from cancer, she asked Joe to clear the family home ready

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    This book has been rattling around in my head for quite a while, probably about four years All along I ve been calling it Dovetail and although bits and pieces were coming to me like listening to a radio station almost out of range I waited to start writing until it wasfully formed in my head After I finished each of my last few books, my younger son Jack would ask, And now are you going to write Dovetail Every time I said, Not just yet And then one day, I knew t

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    Joe Arneson has had troubling dreams orlike nightmares that disturb him and wake his parents and sister with his screaming As a result he has been in an institution where they are trying to help him deal with these nightmares Then one day into his life comes the grandmother he has never known, and never met She wants to free him from where he is and take him to her place in Wisconsin Joe s father who had cut off all contact with his mother years before, is against the i

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    A story set in two timelines.1916 Pearl is the second of seven sisters When a young student comes to work for her father Pearl is jealous that he prefers her older sister Alice.1983 Joe is in hospital because he suffers terrible nightmares His grandmother Pearl who he has never met comes to collect him to help her empty her family s home so she can sell it.After he arrives in Pearl s home and he learnsabout his family s history Joe s nightmares begin to resemble things that ha

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    Finding out you had a grandmother you never knew you had and to have her release you from a treatment center was the best thing that could ever have happened for Joe and his entire family.Joe wanted to know why his father never told him about his mother What could have happened Joe was in treatment for nightmares, and his father wouldn t let him come home until the treatments resolved his problems.Another question is how did his grandmother find him, and why did she want to find him

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    DOVETAIL is a beautiful story told in two timelines, one in 1916 with Pearl as a young woman and in 1983 when Pearl is in a home dying from cancer Pearl s estranged grandson Joe Arneson has been having troubling dreams that have affected him so much he needed help and treatment Pearl offers Joe a chance to reconnect by offering a job of clearing out her home and a place to stay There in Wisconsin, Joe connects with Kathleen who runs the antique store, Secondhand Heaven, in town In 1916, Pe

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