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Things in Jars Bridie Devine, female detective extraordinaire, is confronted with the most baffling puzzle yet the kidnapping of Christabel Berwick, secret daughter of Sir Edmund Athelstan Berwick, and a peculiar child whose reputed supernatural powers have captured the unwanted attention of collectors trading curiosities in this age of discoveryWinding her way through the labyrinthine, sooty streets of Victorian London, Bridie won t rest until she finds the young girl, even if it means unearthing a past that she d rather keep buried Luckily, her search is aided by an enchanting cast of characters, including a seven foot tall housemaid a melancholic, tattoo covered ghost and an avuncular apothecary But secrets abound in this foggy underworld where spectacle is king and nothing is quite what it seemsBlending darkness and light, history and folklore, Things in Jars is a spellbinding Gothic mystery that collapses the boundary between fact and fairy tale to stunning effect and explores what it means to be human in inhumane times

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    Five stars and a statue goes to best portrayed Victorian London book This is incredible combination of humor, kitsch, folklore with the writer s talented and never ending imagination We meet one of the most interesting heroines, Bride Devine , a woman detective, wearing a dagger strapped to her thigh, smoking pipe, solving murders by reading co

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    Jess Kidd shifts direction in her 3rd novel setting it in Victorian times with its inherent brutality and inhumanity, teeming with villains, murderers, the arrogance of killing medics, and ruthless amoral gentlemen anatomy collectors, hungry for what should not be alive There are Things in Jars, with their ability to disturb the natural order of

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    Here is time held in suspension Yesterday pickled Eternity in a jar In Things in Jars, A 7 foot tall bearded parlor maid, mythical sea monsters, a ghost, and a winter mermaid are all brought together by a female pipe smoking detective in Victorian London to solve the kidnapping of a mysterious childWhen a child with supposed supernatural powers i

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    Below her, streets and lanes, factories and workhouses, parks and prisons, ground houses and tenements, roofs, chimneys and treetops And the winding, sometimes shining, Thames the sky s own dirty mirror The raven leaves the river behind and charts a path to a chapel on a hill with a spire and a clock tower She circles the chapel and lands on the r

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    4.5 STARS A dark, bizarre and fanciful world Imaginative storytelling that was menacing, detailed and plotted to perfection.I was quickly captivated by the gothic setting and the missing child investigation The female detective, Birdie Devine specializes in domestic investigations and minor surgery She was a fantastic character that brought humor a

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    A cloth covers the jar that Bridie took from the bookcase in the nursery, and Ruby is thankful for this For the contents have the ability to rearrange even a dead man s sense of reality As with all terrible, wondrous sights, there is a jolt of shock, then a hypnotic fascination, then the uneasy queasiness, then the whole thing starts again the desir

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    My first five star read of 2020From the first sentence, you know this book is going to be different As pale as a grave grub, she s an eyeful The writing is just gorgeous, in that Victorian, Dickensian fashion Think Dickens matched with Grimms Fairy Tales Or Dickens if he was smoking hashish or one of Prudhoe s blends and into Irish folktales I loved

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    2.5 2.75 rounded upBridie Devine is a female detective in Victorian London One day she is approached to investigate the case of a missing girl, Christabel the secret child of Sir Edmund Athelstan Berwick She is reported to have supernatural powers Bridie is hot on the case she lost her last missing child and is determined to save this one Her search f

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    BOTM pick January 2020 Absolutely breathtaking I must readfrom Jess Kidd ASAP While the mystery of the disappeared girl is front and foremost in this tale, I felt that the idea of our fascination with creatures and humans different from the norm, and our desire to contain them, was a huge theme explored as well This was a timely, thought provoking read

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    But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much Hans Christian Andersen, The Little MermaidI m a huge fan of Jess Kidd s exquisite, playful writing and KERPOW, what a start Her vivid prologue was one of the finest things I ve read in a long, long time Gadzooks That alone was worth the entrance fee The book is set in a Victorian London that

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