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(Im)perfectly Happy When four college friends formed the Brown Sugarettes Mastermind Group, they had very different goals but matched each other in ambition Yet ten years later they can t help wondering what happened to the hopeful, confident, driven women they used to be and how to get them back Radio personality Raina, known as the black Delilah, hates the wholesome persona that s made her a success Doling out syrupy versions of her grandma s wisdom feels worlds away from the sarcastic, tell it like it is woman Raina really isKara Jones was sure she d be a master sommelier by thirty Life and loss interfered with that plan Now she has one chance but it s taking a toll on her self esteem and her marriageNikki Grayson hardly recognizes the stay at home mom she s become When her band signed a record deal, she swapped the limelight for a minivan and a sensible do Now she s wishing she had followed her heart Instead, she s drowning her regret in alcoholPublic defender Sienna Njeri willingly put her city council aspirations aside to support her fianc s bid for office and now she s wondering if her loyalty is misplacedLonging for the support, advice, and tough love they once shared, all four resolve to start meeting up again After all, their dreams may still be within reach But are they worth the price they ll pay to achieve them

About the Author: Sharina Harris

Sharina Harris earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University After college, she pursued a career in digital marketing and public relations Although her profession required writing, she decided to pursue a career in writing in 2012.Sharina s contemporary romance series under the pen name, Rina Gray, was named Book Riot s 100 Must Read Romantic Comedies When Sharina s not writing, she can be found with her head stuck in a book, rooting for her favorite NBA teams, and spending time with friends and family Sharina resides in Atlanta with her husband and son Visit her at SharinaHarris.com.

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    Im perfectly Happy is exactly what I want when I pick up a women s fiction story Well written with characters that are relatable but will still have you shaking your head at some of their decisions this was a fun read This is an enjoyable story about four women deciding to reignite their passions so that they can be fulfilled both professionally and personally while facing large emotional obstacles All four women face their distinctly personal weaknesses and learn to embrace

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    March 17, 2020 Just got a review copy of this via Netgalley and I m so happy Thank you, Kensington Books.March 12, 2020 In the author s own words, Im Perfectly Happy isa love letter to black women who have often sacrificed themselves, their goals, happiness and dreams for others

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    This will be a 3 star rating for me Im perfectly Happy tells the story of four college friends who at what would be the prime happy times of their lives realize that they aren t.Raina, Kara, Nikki and Sienna all seem to have what society says you should have when you re a certain age A man, A career, Kids, A home and financially good meaning you should be sitting on savings but as we see in our current situations, many people even the ones that say the always did don t have said saving T

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    Set in Atlanta and focused on four women who ve been friends since university, Harris has created a story that displays the best qualities of friendship and support, even when we aren t being our best selves in every situation Four women with vastly different views on how the world should work for them, and goals that may have seemed unobtainable after choices dampened some of the resolve and options wide open some ten years earlier, there is something for everyone to relate to here From dr Se

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    Four best friends since college had dreams of what they wanted to do in life.They decided to go after what they wanted Now in their forties they have realized they haven t done anything, they wanted to do, life happened You know the saying better later than never, well that what they decided Go on this journey with these four ladies getting just what they wanted They loved each other, held each other and was also their for each other and held each other accountable to go after what they want Four be

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    When four college friends formed the Brown Sugarettes Mastermind Group, they had very different goals but matched each other in ambition Yet ten years later they can t help wondering what happened to the hopeful, confident, driven women they used to be and how to getthem back Lost and now found or so they say but this was truly an epic adventure full of interesting dilemmas, twisty turns, and some major drama.It s all about following one s heart, not giving up, and not going along to get a When four colle

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    Unfortunately this story didn t hold my interest I had to force myself to finish it The book follows four friends who are in their 30 s and who all, for different reasons, have stopped pursuing their dreams They make a promise to one another to start pursuing their passions again and agree to hold each other accountable The book is broken up into 5 months and each friend gets her own dedicated chapter for every month In these chapters we are given snapshots of what was going on in the chara Unfortunately this s

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    Romance Friend supporting friends Dreams, struggles This book has everything for a modern story of love.

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    I liked the premise but felt the journey was sometimes a bit doubtful The characters were a bit one dimensional I kept reading because I was fascinated with the plot but there was too much going on without any depth A lot of telling vs showing in the writing style.

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    ImPerfectly Happy by Sharina Harris is a wonderful storyline revolving around 4 female college friends, who are still friends 10 years after graduation When life creates chaos for each of them, they resume their weekly get together to help each other get back on track on dreams and goals that have become sidetracked over the years.This was a fun enjoyable story, and I really like all four of these wonderful ladies that have a bond many of us wish for.Raina She hates her job as a radio personal ImPerfectly Happy by Sharina Harris

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