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The King of Crows The breath taking finale to the epic New York Times bestseller, The Diviners, from Printz winner and beloved author, Libba BrayAfter the horrifying explosion that claimed one of their own, the Diviners find themselves wanted by the US government, and on the brink of war with the King of CrowsWhile Memphis and Isaiah run for their lives from the mysterious Shadow Men, Isaiah receives a startling vision of a girl, Sarah Beth Olson, who could shift the balance in their struggle for peace Sarah Beth says she knows how to stop the King of Crows but, she will need the Diviners help to do itElsewhere, Jericho has returned after his escape from Jake Marlowe s estate, where he has learned the shocking truth behind the King of Crow s plans Now, the Diviners must travel to Bountiful, Nebraska, in hopes of joining forces with Sarah Beth and to stop the King of Crows and his army of the dead foreverBut as rumors of towns becoming ghost towns and the dead developing unprecedented powers begin to surface, all hope seems to be lostIn this sweeping finale, The Diviners will be forced to confront their greatest fears and learn to rely on one another if they hope to save the nation, and world from catastrophe

About the Author: Libba Bray

What is it about writing an author bio that gives me that deer in headlights feeling It s not exactly like I m going to say I was born in Alabama and somebody s going to jump up and snarl, Oh yeah Prove it At least I hope not.I think what gets me feeling itchy is all that emphasis on the facts of a life, while all the juicy, relevant, human oddity stuff gets left on the cutting room floor I could tell you the facts I lived in Texas for most of my life I live in New York City with my husband and six year old son now I have freckles and a lopsided smile I m allergic to penicillin.But that doesn t really give you much insight into me That doesn t tell you that I stuck a bead up my nose while watching TV when I was four and thought I d have to go to the ER and have it cut out Or that I once sang a punk version of Que Sera Sera onstage in New York City Or that I made everyone call me Bert in ninth grade for no reason that I can think of See what I mean God is in the details So with that in mind, here is my bio Sort of.TEN THINGS YOU DON T KNOW ABOUT ME by Libba Bray1 I lived in Texas until I was 26 years old, then I moved to New York City with 600.00 in my shoe cause muggers won t take it out of your shoe, y knowriiiiightand a punchbowl my grandmother s gift under my arm I ended up using the punchbowl box as an end table for two years.2 My dad was a Presbyterian minister Yes, I am one of those dreaded P.K.s Preacher s Kids Be afraid Be very afraid.3 The first story I ever wrote, in Mrs McBee s 6th grade English class, was about a girl whose family is kidnapped and held hostage by a murderous lot of bank robbers who intend to kill the whole family including the dog until the 12 year old heroine foils the plot and saves the day It included colored pencil illustrations of manly looking, bearded criminals smoking, and, oblivious to the fact that The Beatles had already sort of laid claim to the title, I called my novel, HELP My mom still has a copy And when I do something she doesn t like, she threatens to find it.4 My favorite word is redemption I like both its meaning and the sound My least favorite word is maybe Maybe is almost always a no drawn out in cruel fashion.5 My three worst habits are overeating, self doubt, and the frequent use of the f word.6 The three things I like best about myself are my sense of humor, my ability to listen, and my imagination.7 I have an artificial left eye I lost my real eye in a car accident when I was eighteen In fact, I had to have my entire face rebuilt because I smashed it up pretty good It took six years and thirteen surgeries However, I did have the pleasure of freezing a plastic eyeball in an ice cube, putting it in a friend s drink, Eyeball in your highball and watching him freak completely Okay, so maybe that s not going down on my good karma record But it sure was fun.8 In 7th grade, my three best friends and I dressed up as KISS and walked around our neighborhood on Halloween Man, we were such dorks.9 I once spent New Year s Eve in a wetsuit I d gone to the party in a black dress that was a little too tight too many holiday cookies and when I went to sit down, the dress ripped up the back completely Can we all say, mortified The problem was, my friends were moving out of their house everything was packed and on a truck and there was nothing I could put onbut a wetsuit that they still had tacked to the wall I spent the rest of the party maneuvering through throngs of people feeling like a giant squid.10 I got married in Florence, Italy My husband and I were in love but totally broke, so we eloped and got married in Italy, where he was going on a business trip We had to pull a guy off the street to be our witness It was incredibly romantic.

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    Wow, I cannot believe my favorite series of all time is OVER I sobbed pretty much non stop for the last 100 pages and I feel EMPTY as heck now that it is done There were a few things about this conclusion that I wish had gone differently, but overall this was such a satisfying and emotional end t

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    Maybe for of a 3.5 but uhh, I can t believe how just okay this was I Loved Before the Devil Breaks You so much and this whole series but this was so boring At one point it was almost a chore to pick it up Nothing happens for most of it, the characters just wander around All the momentum from the end of

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    Stories were power And whoever controlled the story controlled everything A story could bring people together, or it could tear them apart It could spread like a sickness, infecting people It could lead them into battle or shake them into seeing what they had refused to see before first of all fucking ouch let

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    If Sam dies we riot at dawn

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    But if you abandoned the idea that such a paradise awaited you, and believed that you would live this life over and over again, would you not live the life you hadthoughtfully Make a better history4.5 stars rounded up The King of Crows, while not the perfect finale, is a solid book and ending to a series that has found its

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    I thought this series was over

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    But if you abandoned the idea that such a paradise awaited you, and believe that you would live this life over and over again, would you not live the life you hadthoughtfully Would you not think carefully about your choices Would you not live with abandon love and love and love someThe real Diviner powers were the friends we made along t

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    The final instalment to one of my favourite YA series ever, a series which didn t simply sit in the YA genre, but crossed into historical fiction, paranormal, and fantasy too.This is the final book of the series, so please don t read if you haven t read Book 1 The Diviners Book 2 Lair of Dreams Book 3 Before The Devil Breaks You I ve been weigh

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    3 starsWho got to decide what made somebody an American America, the ideal of it at least, was its own form of elusive magicI hate to say it, or write it, but The King of Crows wasn t a very satisfying conclusion to The Diviners series While it isn t as drawn out as the finale to the Gemma Doyle series which was around 800 pages it struck me as being

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    that clip of spongebob crying into a cup and then drinking his tears and crying again was me during the last half of this book

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